Vermörd - Dawn of the Black Harvest EP (CD Review)

01.Disciples of Shakhbûrz
02.Plagued Eyes From The Scrolls Of Xafmirtas
03.Ophite Cultus Satanas
04.Encrimsoned Baptism
06.Dark Harvest

Zach Thomsen (Vocals)
Yianni Papaeracleous (Guitar)
Brad Weddle (Guitar)
Zak Kempler (Drums)
Alec Klimm (Bass)

Very rarely an EP manages to represent the potential of a band, but Vermörd have definitely succeeded here with "Dawn Of The Black Harvest". A young band hailing from White Marsh Maryland U.S.A, Vermörd are a ridiculously talented group of teenagers playing fast and loose Black Metal that often veers into Technical Death Metal passages. Filled with awesome, stirring guitar runs, impressive churning bass lines, plenty of frenzied blasting and deathly bellows. "Dawn Of The Black Harvest" is jam-packed with well-executed, ornate, Black Death Metal, tastefully put together and performed with intensity.

So thats what their record company said, so seems like a pretty bold statement, lets hope it lives up to the hype and doent start with a stupid intro.

Oh dear, yep opening "Song" is in fact an intro, so moving on to track 2 and have to say the music is good, its modern Black Metal with that technical death metal influence, the vocal screams are as good as early Cradle and the intensity of the whole thing really works well, like the way they throw in a slow breakdown to allow a short but well exectuted guitar solo.

The rest of the EP does the same, solid drum work, well balanced mix of speed, agression and melody, nice breakdowns, occasional timing changes and all produced to a very high standard, whats not to like?

Rating 9/10
For fans Of: Cradle Of Filth, Akercocke, Gorgoroth, Dark Funeral


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