Fragarak - Crypts Of Dissimulation (CD Review)

01.Savor The Defiance
03.Effacing The Esotery
04.Dissimulation: An Overture
05.Cryptic Convulsion
06.Psalm Of Deliverance

Supratim Sen (Vocals)
Kartikeya Sinha (Bass)
Arpit Pradhan (Guitar)
Ruben Franklin (Guitar)
Siddharth Manoharan (Drums)

Progressive Death Metal band from New Delhi, India, formed initially, in 2011, Karikeya, Ruben and Sagar co-founded Fragarak and had formulated the kind of music to be pursued with the initiation of the band. Arpit and Supratim were the much needed addition to the line-up to fortify the intent with the musical ideologies going in the same direction for the band.Thus the entity of Fragarak came into being.

Fragarak came into existence in early 2011 and laid the foundation for one of the most promising acts to newly emerge out of India that year. The band draws revelation from “Fragarach”, a legendary sword from the Celtic mythology.

Fragarak is a lethal blend of melodic tunes accompanied by intense technical rhythms, supported by fiercely independent bass lines, bolstered with decimating drumming, and channeled by lyrical themes delivered through bestial vocals.
This is a re-issue of their 2013 self released album.

On listening to the first song 'Savor The Defiance' i'm struck by a few things, firstly that they have an acoustic intro that is included as part of the song, next that the music is for the most part at least, straight forward modern progressive metal as the song goes along it add's some technical thrash elements, the only part of this which could be classed as "Death Metal" is the harsh vocals, which i have to say dont fit the music, a clean vocal would have made this perfect.

'Insurgence' is different again, more agressive techival death metal with piggy grunt vocals, only the acoustic breakdown saves this one, with its really nice harmony backing vocals.

The next song is borderline Extreme Metal, again great music and the harsh vocal style works well on this one, thanks in part to the backing vocals breaking it up.

After another nice acoustic piece we end with some more death metal that at times sounds more like black metal.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Chaosanct, Skaldic Curse, Xenochord


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