Pohjoinen - Pohjoinen (CD Review)

06.Taehdissae Nukkuva
08.Helvetin Aurinko

Tumppi (Guitar/Vocals)
Kimmo (Bass/Vocals)
R (Drums)

Pohjoinen from Helsinki, were founded in the summer of 2011. In the beginning the music style and line-up was slighly different but the band found its own form in January 2012. They recorded their first demo in the Spring, 2012 and started touring, mainly in Helsinki area where they are originating from. Little by little they were heading more and more towards Stoner Rock style even though that is not the genre that band itself would describe its music. Pohjoinen is downtuned guitars, slow tempo and occasionally even groove and anything between doom and rock.

Edging towards a sludge/doom take on stoner rock 'RJD' really kicks into gear, the slow powerchords crashing through the speakers one after another, where this soon becomes a cut above the average is when the vocals come in over some unusual guitar sounds, slow and almost experimental at times.

'Joki' is another track that really stands out, again its sludge/doom style reigns supreme and with more inspired vocals.As the song progresses its starts to get very psychedelic with some stunning guitar playing.

Want another stone/sludge/doom monster? good then 'Kulkuri' does it all, but wait so does 'Taehdissae Nukkuva', but slower and keeping with that doom power is 'Helvetin Aurinko' and this one even throws in a few death metal growls lurking in the Sabbath style riffs and overall musical mayhem.

What an amazing album, more classic doom than stoner, but the hybrid works perfectly!!!

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of: Cathedral, Monster Magnet, Queens Of The Stone Age, Blood Island Raiders


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