Grethor - Cloaked In Decay (CD Review)

02.Misery Of Ignorance
03.Somnia Malum Infinitum
04.Hemispheres Decaying
05.Organic Tomb
06.Monody For Artemis

Marcus Lawrence (Vocals)
Anthony Rouse (Drums)
Nick Rothe (Bass)
Mike Lewis (Guitar)
Brian Frost (Guitar)

Bill Calomiris (GLOOM, EX-LOCULUS)

Virginia Black/Death metal band formed in 2007, have recently completed their follow-up to its debut EP, 2013’s “Galaxia Infinitum”.
This new is inspired by the 1895 novel “The King in Yellow” by Robert W. Chambers: a series of short stories, of which four of them are about the eponymous forbidden play that spurs despair and insanity to those who read it.  “Cloaked In Decay” also warns of the ills of religion, man’s existential crises and cosmic horror.

“I find that fear is possibly the most harmful of human traits," said GRETHOR vocalist Marcus Lawrence. "It is, however, a great source of material, and it is through art we confront it. It is our only salvation.”

Tracks one to five are a raw and agressive mix of black and death metal, fast and uncompromising in attitude and delivery.
The last song 'Monody For Artemis' is a melodic heavy metal piece, full of excellent guitarwork and sounds like a different band.

Rating 7/10
For Fans Of: Bathory, Venom, Death, Darkthrone


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