Primordium - Aeonian Obsolescence EP (CD Review)

02.A Process Of Becoming
03.The Opaque Semblance
04.The Incursion
05.Esoteric Purification

Steele Sleight (Guitar)
Jesse Curtis (Guitar)
John King (Drums)

Forming late 2011 in central Indiana, Primordium; a 4-piece technical death metal group, possess unconditional intent to breach the boundaries of normality and take metal to new heights. Nearing the completion of their debut EP 'Aeonian Obsolescence', the members of Primordium assure you that listener satisfaction is guaranteed to those free of the chains that bind both musically and mentally.
By 2013 they were down to a three piece and there are only two people in the promo picture, so i have no idea whats going on and whos doing what.

And yet again a pointless intro as a seperate track, and guess what, yep goes straight into the first "proper" song!
Okay so at least 'A Process Of Becoming' makes up for the intro, its a full on tech death metal assault, stunning drum playing, well executed and at times melodic guitar work over typical but listenable vocals.

Seems that 100 mph wasnt fast enough for this lot and decided to go into some sort of death/warp drive for 'The Opaque Semblance', this is another superb drum driven track, and it really is to his credit that every beat is perfect.

'The Incursion' is slightly slower, except that drummer, i'm not joking that guy has two speeds fast and faster, absolutley amazing stuff.

Piano? and some symphonic keyboards, now that's unexpected, 'Esoteric Purification' starts with an "Intro" that actually starts the song, see that's the way to do it!
Rest of the song is another powerhouse of drums, guitar and vocal brutality and technical ability that is quite something awesome to listen to.

Now to end with an 'Instrumental' this is a guitar workout, lots of different elements thrown in, some nice timing changes and more pounding drum work, but on this one it's definatley the guitar solos that take centre stage and the mellow bits at the end really work well.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Beserker, Death, Suffocation, Chaosanct, Kevlar Skin


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