VEER - 27 (CD Review)

01.Sun Of Hate
02.I'm Turning Into Your Cancer
05.Fixing Your Grave, Son
06.The Undertaker
07.Streets Without Lights

Jim Jones (Vocals)
Paga (Guitar)
M (Guitar)
Adam Major (Bass)
Knot (Drums)

Speaking about the name Veér, is hard to not mention the band’s previous name: Ravenshades. After all, the background of so deeply dark minds was forged within the hostile environment of urban and human scum. The band from Budapest started to dig the holes of their graves under the moons of 1997, taking 3 years to stab themselves and originate the first demo, coming out in 2000, with the name of “Ravenshades”. Refining their skills and sharpening their blades, the 2nd demo came to live to take some souls with it, already in 2002, called “What lives inside us”. In a regular basis, two winters later, these men shown how they work out as a contagious disease embracing the “Blood, Still Warm”. Up to date, in 2005, one of their best release will be the split with Ater Tenebrae, which took the band’s name to the farthest places of the planet. The plague was getting widespread… But, after a quite long period of death, the conceptuality reached its climax, the metamorphosis was unavoidable, the contrast was unmistakable so, the new born blood came out.

Veér was presented to the world in 2009.The debut full-length “The measure of the waste” is considered a unique act on the Hungarian scene. Quite original, their Black Metal has nothing to do with forests, mountains, Satanism or Paganism, but instead, they introduce the decadence of human’s nature and the world with it. Listen by yourself!!
Six years later the rotten stench spread widely and the dominant viper seeks for more blood to consume. Asphyxiation and agony are expected and long missed. The new album finally took its form and sprouted from ashes, in dead grey ground.

Seven surprisingly melodic tracks, aside from the harsh growling vocal, at times it leans towards a mix of gothic and doom, a style associated more with Satyricon.
Fast paced drums and dark riffs are the main elements here, but it's the little breakdowns that add weight to the overall sound.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Satyricon, Thorns, Naglfar


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