Hela & Lodo - Hela Vs Lodo EP (Review)

01.The End Of Times

Mireia Porto (Vocals/Guitar)
Julián Velasco (Guitar/FX)
Tano Giménez (Bass)
Miguel Fernández (Drums)

Doom Metal band Hela were formed in 2012 by founding members of Stoner band 'The Sand Collector' and hail from Alicante, Spain.

'The End Of Times' is an epic ten minutes of slow, brooding, classic doom blended with a psychedelic undertone that really makes this piece stand out.
A stunning vocal performance from Mireia, ghostly, haunting and at times operatic, certainly holds your attention.

Another near ten minutes next with 'Norns' does the same as the first song, simply leaves you wanting more!

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Albez Duz, Bloody Hammers, Chalice, Blood Ceremony, Cathedral

05.Cristo Colmado

Latigo (Guitar)
David (Bass)
Raul (Guitar)
Rojo (Drums)

Lodo are a new band also from Spain and play dark, dense "Muddy" sludge/doom.

Three slabs of instrumental sludge/doom, sounding like something from the early 1970's, it's raw and seems to flow more like a jam session than a recording studio, that gives it an "Organic" feel that really lends itself to their style.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Black Sabbath, Shadow Of The Torturer, Serpentine Path


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