BruceXcampbell - Los Angeles Noisecore (Cassette Review)

Hail To The King

01.Ax Of Anger
02.Blood Lust
03.Disgusted By You
04.Grind Your Face Off
06.Hail To The King

Humanity Deserves To Die

07.City Of Doom
08.Crushed Beneath The Great Weight Of Hate
09.Delusional PVK
10.Fear They Wrath
12.The Crave

Jon (Vocals/Guitar)
Rolo (Drums)

Formed circa 2006 in California they are a four piece crust grind noise never ending force of nature. they say "Our origins are unknown, but our task in life is to defeat the evil that dwells within life's cycle, which is the madness that grows with power."

This is a compilation casette of two previous releases.

First off with 'Hail To The King' not as fast as i expected, this has some good fuzzed ut sludgey bits in between the blast beats, the vocals are as ever with this genre just a screaming noise, what lets this down for me is the complete and total lack of any samples from Bruce Campbells movies, or re creations of with someone shouting or speaking those legendary catchphrases.

So to 'Humanity Deserves To Die' and its the same again, but have to pick out 'Crushed Beneath The Great Weight Of Hate' an oustanding piece of sludge/doom with a crust on top.

Its good but it aint 'Groovy' !

Rating 5/10
For Fans Of: Offal, Coffinborn, Gravecrusher