Poenari - Wrath.War.Lucifer (CD Review)

01.Angels Wing
03.On Fire
05.Sons Of Life
07.Of Madness

Lukasz Szulczyk (Vocals)
Krzysztof Zdanowicz (Vocal)
Daniel Babecki (Guitar)
Krogul (Bass)
Lukasz Tomczak (Drums)

Brutal, unforgiving and purely decimating. Poenari have been creating their own band of punishing black/death since 2010. Located in Warsaw, Poland; these beasts have released one demo and two full length albums without compromise.
This is a re-issue of their 2013 full-length album "Wrath, War, Lucifer" on EEE Recordings, described as "10 tracks, 41 minutes of blistering and unrelenting black/death metal made to crush the weak."

With an authentic early Black Metal sound normally produced by bands from Norway many years ago, has to be said that this is a band who understands the genres roots, raw and agressive, simple production and no compromise or deviantion from the sound, even when presented with 'On Fire' which at 7 minutes could have brought in other more modern elements, doesnt!

It simmply presents a relentless onslaught of what might be called "Pure" black metal.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Mayhem, Marduk, Burzum, Bloodlust, Darkthrone