HaatE - Breed The Forlorn Majesty (CD Review)

01.Pour The Wisdom Into The Chalice of Life
02.Ritual Of The Crystal Flame
03.The Forlorn Majesty

Wreath (All Instruments/Vocals)

Solo Dark\Black Ambient project from Italy created in 2014.
Wreath says of this album "I firmly believe that we have to defend our human roots and our cultural heritage. We have to cherish our hills, lakes and plains andmost of all we have to protect our traditions. Because it’s the only thing that could tell us apart from being simply…an irrelevant part of the mass.
So, this is the main concept behind this album and its lyrics.
A brief parenthesis has been made with the central track, Ritual of The Crystal Flame, that is mainly about solitude, and it’s role in the life of a human being.

'Pour The Wisdom Into The Chalice of Life' certainly hits the mark with its ambient black metal tag, this is slow, melodic, moody and dark.
Sweeping guitar over superb layered keyboards and a light drum pattern.What i really like about this is the synth pulses that appear throughout like little electronic darts zipping around with a pure analog sound.Towards the end there are a few darkend growls not so much vocals but more as an additional instrument.

This may have a darker start but 'Ritual Of The Crystal Flame' with its speech samples and slow almost ambient/trance/dance rhythms is 21 minutes of pure joy.So many fifferent keyboard sounds each mixed and produced to perfection, even towards the end when it gets louder it still retains this calmness.

This last piece 'The Forlorn Majesty', just has keyboard legend Claudio Simonetti written all over it, its a superb mix of two basic synth sounds, simple almost stripped back, but utterly compelling.

Rating: 10/10
For Fans Of: Ulver, Wolves In The Throne Room, Goblin, Tangerine Dream


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