Sigihl - Trauermärsche and a tango upon the world's grave (CD Review)

02.Non Credo Quia Absurdum Est
03.Christ-Off Waltz
04.The Rite Of Pain
05.Tango Catholico (Repent!)

Kv (Vocals)
Lt.Haunted (Bass)
The Pope (Sax)
Grekh (Drums)

Drone Jazz from the hellyard, Sigihl was brought to life in mid 2012.
They say: "No special story behind us, no achievements, no records, no special gigs. Nothing. There's only Lucifer's love. For now...."

Well there is a record and here's the review.

'Daymare' is a very raw sounding piece, possibly recorded live in the studio, it has that feel anyway.From its ambient start it decends into a hellish drone/doom world of distortion over a solid drumbeat and screamed vocals.The Sax sounds like it is run through a distortion pedal, but then so does everything else, a glorious moise!

The same can be said of the second song 'Non Credo Quia Absurdum Est' though this has the addition of very avante garde jazz sax playing, and i warn you it is very "Avante Garde" !

'Christ-Off Waltz' reels it back in slightly, though the vocals do seem to go a little crazy and high pitched at times.

Following a more traditional doom structure is 'The Rite Of Pain', a somewhat apt title for this torturous song.

Finally 'Tango Catholico' a strange mix of noise (sorry i mean jazz) and slide guitar.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Sunn 0))), Sigh, King Crimson


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