Palinopsia - Murmurs From The Well Nothing More (CD Review)

01.Three Sisters
03.The Unturned Snare
04.Morning Hid The Hills
05.Celestial Rift

Macaulay Lerman (Guitar/Vocals)
William Morse (Drums)
Johnny Reiter (Bass)
Haydn Smith (Vocals)

Blackend doom project from Vermont started in september 2014.

'Three Sisters' starts with distortion and feedback and kicks into some classic stoner/doom sounds before decending into much darker metal, even in this 2 minute song they manage to create a multi structured song kinda like Queens Of The Stone Age morphing into Cradle Of Filth!

Sticking to more traditional ground the dark edged 'Silt' keeps it on the same doom laden level throughout with that black metal style vocal.

'The Unturned Snare' carries this theme on with a touch of chaos thrown in as if its that off the hip/dont give a fuck stoner attitude.

Slow and melodic almost gothic in its opening the 'Morning Hid The Hills' keeps it stripped down to a few well chosen notes, yes the songs builds but never stays away from the ambience, that said there is a little blast beat towards the end.

Finally 'Celestial Rift', starts as full on grindcore! now that really takes you by surprise and leaves you to wonder where this is going, but it calms down to some suitable paced doom.

This is a great EP a few nice surprises and one that is well thought out, mixed and produced, makes a change to hear something with a gruff vocal style but one that both is listenable and actually fits the music.

Rating 9/10
For fans of:Atrum Tempestas, Triptykon, Algoma, Boris, Sunn o)))


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