Isenmor - Land Of The Setting Sun (CD Review)

01.Death Is A Fine Companion
03.Land Of The Setting Sun
04.So Willingly Deceived
05.The Old Mead Hall

Tim Regan (Guitar/Vocals)
Mike Wilson (Bass/Vocals)
Nick Schneider (Violin/Vocals)
Miles Waldman (Violin)
Jon Lyon (Keyboards/Vocals)
BG Drakeley (Drums)

American band formed in May 2014 when guitarist Tim Regan and bassist Mike Wilson’s search for violinists to start a new folk metal band yielded two highly talented fiddle players, Nick Schneider and Miles Waldman. Rather than choose between the two, both were taken onboard. Drummer BG Drakeley and keyboardist Jon Lyon joined shortly thereafter, completing the lineup.

First three songs are above average for this genre, yes there is lots of violins but the level of power coming from drums mixed with the heavy guitarwork, helps create the perfect folk metal balance.

'So Willingly Decieved' brings the mood down with a solid laid back melodic masterpiece, passionate vocals are backed with moody powerchords and beautiful violin performance.

As was to be expected 'The Old Mead Hall' is a great upbeat song, for dancing and moshing in equal parts!

A stunning little EP that breathes life back into a genre that has been flagging somewhat for a while now.

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of: Turisas, Alestorm, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani