Sathoênay - Gaziosmanpasa EP (CD Review)

01.Reach Out
03.Hey Ma, I'm Your Dad
04.Adventure 3

Nico Poisson (Various Instruments)
François Virot (Drums)
Leo Grollemund (Cello)
Agathe Max (Violin)

Sathönay is a project of Nico Poisson, also a member of NED, started in 2013. Mostly solo, this project is based on oriental music through the use of an electric Saz (Saz is a type of turkish lute, to be short), old drum machines and a lot of voice. From oriental music there is only the flavour, the songs can be more easily filed under vaguely pop psychedelia.

'Reach Out' is a strange piece of electronic beats and jazz guitar riffs over a simple vocal, song picks up a bit as it goes on with some sitar sounds and then finishes.

Moving more into the weird is 'Gaziosmanpasa' a psychedelic meets world music mantra complete with sampled grasshopper sounds, layered vocal effects and mellow backing create a hypnotic laid back song.

'Hey Ma, I'm Your Dad' is the first of two 8 minute songs, this has more nature samples and samples i assume come from the news or a movie soundtrack, this is overlaid with that lute and harmonic vocals, underneath is a dark synth pattern.

Finally 'Adventure 3' is a more upbeat ambient dance type song, again lots of samples and vocal samples, but the rhythmic quality and the synth work is very reminiscent of 'Black Elk' era Hawkwind.

Rating 7/10
For Fans Of: Insect Ark, Hawkwind, Selim Lemouchi, Tangerine Dream


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