Zygnema - What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete (CD Review)

02.What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete
03.Shell Broken Hell Loose
06.Invidious I
09.Reform Rebirth
10.The Phoenix Effect
11.A Design To Choose

Jimmy Bhore (Vocals)
Sidharth Kadadi (Guitars)
Leon Quadros (Bass)
Mayank Sharma (Drums)

Sunneith Revankar (Vocals track 11)

Zygnema is a Mumbai based 4 piece heavy/thrash/groove metal band that mainly focuses on the social/political “fuck-ups” and loves to dig deep down on riffs that are heavy and groove oriented.

The band, over the last 6 years, has won numerous national and international accolades that only do so much to correspond to the powerhouse that the band is. One such accolade is the award for Rolling Stone Metal awards 2011 Best Metal band and Best Metal Song in the popular choice category. Zygnema was formed in December 2006, and since then, have been grooving steadily to the tunes of success and uncompromising determination.

After 3 years of hard work and a year in hibernation, (which the band has artistically paid tribute to in their song, 'Machine state hibernation') the band finally released their debut album. The debut effort, rightfully-titled 'Born of Unity' was released in June 2010.

I shall ignore the intro, which as usual leads straight into the first proper song; 'What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete' which is a kind of technical death metal, whilst the music is good the vocals are way too harsh for me.

The vocal style suites the next one 'Shell Broken' better, this is a punchy thrash/groove song as are the next couple.

'Conflict' is another intro with electronic sounds and distorted speech, this then leads right into 'Invidious' a rather brutal death/thrash workout, followed by 'In-Kog' a much more structured and melodic song with some great sounding guitar riffs and an ambient ending.

Well that ending leads into another intro 'Misguided' with sirens and a childs voice which were it not for a few seconds silence would have slipped right into 'Reform Rebirth' and yep this is more tech death stuff with harsh vocals.

Last song 'A Design To Choose' is almost ten minutes long and features guest vocals from Sunneith Revankar of Bhayanak Maut.
So the first 4 minutes is brutal stuff with some epic and clever dual vocals, then it all goes quiet and out come the acoustic guitars and the rest of the song is a quite brilliant and perfectly sung ballad, a weird way to end but a very impressive song.

Rating 8/10
For fans of:: Bhayanak Maut, Decapitated, Meshuggah


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