Dryom - 2 (CD Review)

01.Mertvyj Gorod

Musicians Unknown

The second work of the mysterious Russian project, which is actually the first full-length album following demo “(1)” which was officially issued three years earlier. “2” features a balanced approach to the sound level which significantly improved compared to the debut demo, while music-wise DRYOM remains dedicated to funeral doom metal with a unique atmosphere of gloomy dead landscapes of abandoned cities and vast twilight spaces of the dead nature. The unique features are brought by employment of jew’s harp and flute, which add a light taste of ethnic music translated through the aesthetics of the funeral metal.

The first of 4 huge workouts is the 13 minute 'Mertvyj Gorod', stunning beautiful guitar playing and a very dark funeral vocal, half way through the jew harp makes an appearence and i have to say it is very hypnotic, works so well and something few if any other band has used in this genre of music, as the song progresses the guitar gets more agressive and more layers are created with keyboards.

'Risunok' is 15 minutes long, that jews harp is once again put to great use, its sounds so strange to be making a big point about this simple instrument, but it just makes this music soar to a new height, the only slight issue i have with this is the Flute, it seems out of tune with the rest of the music.

At just over 10 minutes 'Metel’ is the "short" one, nice keyboard running through the whole piece and some near (slow) thrash riffs as well.

Finally a 17 minute monster called 'Ona', follows the same composition as previous tracks, except for the quiet breakdown around 8 minutes which is simple yet atmospheric guitar playing.Eventually this is brought to a torturous end with distortion and that jews harp.

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Sunn o))), Earth, Norse, Ulver, Wolveserpent, Boris, Sigh


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