Fist City - Everything Is A Mess (2015)

02.Fuck Cops
03.Let's Rip
04.Hey Little Sister
05.Bad Trip
06.Interlude I
08.Surf's Up
09.Interlude II
10.Interlude III
12.The Smell
13.End Of The Good Times
14.Losers Never Die
15.Interlude IV
16.The Mess
17.Interlude V

Kier Griffiths (Vocals/Guitar)
Brittany Griffiths (Bass)
Evan Van Reekum (Guitar)
Ryan Grieve (Drums)

Supercharged Southern Alberta quartet Fist City burst from basement studios onto the stage in 2009. The twin sibling duo of Kier and Brittany Griffiths — musical collaborators from the womb to the tomb — found ideal foils in frenetic guitarist/songwriter Evan Van Reekum and powerhouse drummer Ryan Grieve. A solid string of releases from labels such as L.A.’s Dead Beat, Victoria’s La Ti Da, and Transgressive have been coupled with tours at home and abroad, glowing reviews, recording with Don Pyle, a Nardwuar interview, and other thrills.

2014 marked a transitional year, including personal changes among the band members, the reissue of their debut LP It’s 1983,Grow Up! from Transgressive Records (originally issued by L.A.’s Black Tent Press in 2012) and the recording of Fist City’s sophomore salvo Everything Is A Mess. The new album finds them primed to take the future by storm and was recorded at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio in Chicago.

If you take out the intro and interludes, all of which are just very short instrumentals you are left with 11 songs.
These songs are simle, short, almost post grunge pop rock numbers, delivered mainly in the style of say the Pixies.

The sixties influenced (Mainly) instrumentals songs like 'Surfs Up' and 'Rats' are reminiscent of Greg Sage, and have a slightly punky vocal.

Honestly can't think of much to say here, it's a listenable album, nothing to get too excited about.

Rating 7/10
For Fans Of: Greg Sage & Wipers, Pixies, Buzzcocks


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