King Leviathan - The Shrine (CD Review)

03.Born Of The Blackest Hearts
04.Skin From Bone
05.Madness Made Divine
06.The Shrine

Adam Sedgwick (Vocals/Guitar)
Rob Kuhler (Guitar)
Sam Forrester (Bass)
Danny Yates (Drums)

From Brighton, devout worshipers of Speed, Violence and The Occult, have spread madness from their inception. With their new EP "The Shrine" about to hit May 31st there is no sign of stopping. With "The Shrine", every second of speed, aggression, and riotous fun is to be savored.
They liberally blends many different styles of Metal and Hardcore into an intense, fiery stew. Riffs with roots firmly planted in the great American Thrash and European Metal traditions peel out of every single song, bolstered by a rhythm section, and featuring solid drumming, that is relentless.

The frenetic pace so characteristic of the genre is kept the entire way, the delivery tight, yet not without the feeling of spontaneity. Creating images of the house that you and your beer-bong buddies proceeded to trash when the neighbour kid's parents left for the weekend.

Intro as a seperate track? Anyway to the first song 'Wormwood' a solid thrash workout with a mixture of death metal and clean vocals, the latter sounding much better, one thing though a horrible snare drum sound, way to tight and tinny for my ears, shame as it spoils this for me.

'Born Of The Blackest Hearts' has a nice clean and powerfull vocal, the music is solid thrash and has a great solo in it, the drums drive the song along, but that snare drum is killing this!

Up next 'Skin From Bone' with its power metal guitar riff over solid drum pedal work is first class, when the speed increases and the death metal vocal comes in this is one that harkens back to the early days, all is going well till that fucking snare again, bang bang bang it goes like a toy tin drum.

Im afraid that the last 2 again just suffer from that snare sound, maybe its the drummer in me, great music well put together, great vocal style.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Sylosis, Savage Messiah, Slayer, Evile, Revocation


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