Vintage Warlords - The Invisible Foe EP (CD Review)

01.Exodus Of Souls
02.The Invisible Foe
03.From Orange To Grey

Conor Byers (Vocals)
Thomas Haywood (Guitar/Bass/Drums)

Vintage Warlords from America are a morbid piece of rotting nostalgia full of sludgy doom-laden riffs straight from the scattered remains of death metal's humble origins. Monstrous guitars, tortured vocals, and an abandoned sense of security will overwhelm any and all in the underground who dare face the new heirs to the Doom/Death throne! Featuring ex-Abigail Williams bassist, Thomas Haywood (aka Thomas G Plaguehammer).

From its slow start 'Exodus Of Souls' shapes up to be some quality doom laden death metal, the mood changes when the furious double pedal drumwork kicks in and the vocals from hell, sudenly this is a darkend death metal monster.

More fury and some technical guitar playing elevate 'The Invisible Foe' from most other death metal bands songs, as does 'From Orange To Grey'.

Usually when bands mix the 2 genres up we get this hybrid style of Funeral Doom with Death Metal passages, this manages to combine the 2 to create a new noise.

Rating 8/10
For Fans Of: Abigail Williams, Hellhammer, Morbid Angel


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