Lanthanein - Nocturnalgica EP (CD Review)

01.Lágrimas De Luna
03.A Orillas Del Silencio
04.Lacrimosa Et Gementem

Marili Portorrico (Vocals/Choir Arrangements/Programming)
Juan Mansilla (Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Programming)

From Argentina, they are a gothic/doom metal project that had been around for a while but eventually surfaced at the beginning of this year to bring us an EP of Classical music inspired music.

Nice piano and church bell intro to 'Lágrimas De Luna', quickly turns into a nice symphonic goth song, and whilst the vocals are great they are not in English, so i have no idea whats she's singing about.

'Nocturnálgica' is a different beast, the agressive intro complete growl male vocal works well but soon decends into standard symphonic/goth.The operatic vocal duet does lift this one, but still dont know what they are singing about!

With a wide selection of different instruments used on 'A Orillas Del Silencio' at least there is plenty to listen too from its neo folk meets progressive to that symphonic style again, and still no sig of doom.

Finally 'Lacrimosa Et Gementem' just sticks with the symphonic goth again.

Rating 7/10
For Fans Of: Valentine Wolfe, Epica, Tristania


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