Graveworm - Ascending Hate (CD Review)

01.The Death Heritage
02.Buried Alive
03.Blood Torture Death
04.To The Empire Of Madness
05.Downfall Of Heavens
07.Liars To The Lions
08.Rise Again
09.Son Of Lies
10.Nocturnal Hymns Part II (Death’s Anthem)

Stefano Fiori (vocals)
Eric Righi (Guitar)
Stefan Unterpertinger (Guitar)
Florian Reiner (Bass)
Martin Innerbichler (Drums)

Graveworm were founded in Bruneck, Italy in 1997.
Just one year later their debut album „When Daylight’s Gone” was release and the band went on tour with Crematory, Therion and Lake of Tears.
In the 18 years of their history so far, the Italian dark metallers have not only achieved to deliver quality music constantly, they have released classics if the genre such as 2003’s "Engraved In Black" with mixture of symphonic black metal elements, gothic and thrash.
More than three and a half years after their last release “Fragments Of Death“, the band returns and have reunited with founding member and former main songwriter Stefan Unterpertinger after nearly 10 years.

Been ages since i heard any Graveworm and 'The Death Heritage' is great re introduction for me, starting with soft, melodic acoustic guitar before exploding into a symphonic death/black metal masterpiece, full of agression and power this blasts through the speakers and it's welcome back!

Next one to really catch my ear was 'Downfall Of Heaven' a litle more melodic than some of the other tracks, full of power and harmony and some serious screams going on with the vocals.

Then after more speed and agression comes 'Rise Again' a brilliant song starts off so beautifully with piano and then goes hyper, then some sound effects to slow things down then back on the speed again, keeps doing this for 5 superb minutes.

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Cradle Of Filth, Therion, Curse Upon A Prayer, Nightmare


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