Wasted Puppets - Puppet Show (CD Review)

01.My Sweetest Poison
02.Lousianna's Son
04.Just Disapppear
05.Black Tar Medicine
07.Your Mother Knew I Was Bad News
08.Don't Save Me
09.Outlaw Story

Anssi Tuomikoski (Vocals/Harmonica)
Jani Klemetti (Guitar)
Samuli Visuri (Bass)
Mikko "Hyrski" Hyyryläinen (Drums)

Wasted Puppets is a rock group formed in 2011 from Lapland playing music based upon the foundation which was built by such heroes as Zeppelin, Hendrix, Purple, G N' R, Kiss, Whitesnake and many others that came after them, with their own twist.

Fairly straight forward classic rock stuff here, nothing to get over excited about, more of a small club band than one that would ever get near a stadium.

Its melodic and well played, would suit a drive radio playlist, so to pick a couple out i will go with 'Black Tar Medicine' a slow and anthemic song with huge riffs and a good vocal performance, this one has that Audioslave vibe.

Another stand out is 'Your Mother Knew I Was Bad News', its got that American post glam swagger of G'N'R with some rock n roll thrown in as well.

As i said this is an okay album, just dont expect it to leap out at you.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: King Lizard, Mercy House, Wasted Sinners, Bad Son


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