Inhuman Depravity - Nocturnal Carnage By The Unholy Desecrator (CD Review)

01.Exhuming The Creator For Own Expediency
02.Dismembered And Buried Instincts
03.Condemned To Monotheistics
04.Rise Of Vengeance By Bloody Torment
05.Apocalyptic Mass Murder Oath
06.Bloodthirst Of Sinners
07.Carnivorous Offering
08.Slain Dissection Abuse
09.Salvation Through Bloodvomit

Yunus Efe (Vocals)
Eren Gursoy (Drums)
Murat Sabuncu (Guitar)
Kaan Yildar (Bass)

Death Metal band Inhuman Depravity from Istanbul, Turkey, formed in late 2013, during the next months they made a 3 track demo, based on the theme that gives band’s name: ‘depravity’. Not so long after,band started to work for the debut album. Mixed & mastered by Ünsal Özata and cover artwork by Rian Oktanto.

'Exhuming The Creator For Own Expediency' starts us off with bloody long somng titles!
This has some sample from (I assume) a horror movie and then some other samples mixed in with quick blasts of music and then the rest is full on nasty Death Metal complete with a vocal style so gruff it would be impossible to sing a long with.

And the rest of the album is just a wall of brutal death metal with some serious grindcore influence in the mix.

Rating 7/10
For Fans Of: Suffocation, Severe Torture, Dying Fetus, Morbid Angel


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