Moanaa - Descent (CD Review)

01.Sunset Growing Old
05.Lost In The Noise
06.Ion ...
07.... Mill

Lukasz 'cHooDy' Kursa (Guitar)
Michal Pilik (Guitar)
Damian 'Cichy' Olearczyk (Bass)
Marcel Lekawa (Drums)
Maciej Proficz (Vocals)
K-vass (Vocals)

Polish post metal/doom styled band, formed around 2008.

If 'Sunset Growing Old' is going to set the standard, then this is going to be one helluva album.Nice acoustic start then moves into prog/jazz style, laid back and rhythmic almost hypnotic, then turns into a screaming death metal monster, did not expect that and yes there is a hint of doom metal as well before almost sounding like an old Pink Floyd track and then some neo prog to end with, all that in just 7 minutes!

Next track 'Repulsive' sticks to doom inspired slow and sludgy death metal, 'Lit' almost does the same until that jazz/prog guitar and rhythmic drum pattern comes back in for a while before taking the volume down with a simple guitar riff, as this builds towards the end some great vocals and backing vocals mix with more agressive instrumentation.

'Zero' returns to the neo-prog style with melodic vocals, but as i have come to expect with this, the pace and style changes bringing in that death metal vocal over near metalcore riffs.

'Lost In The Noize' at 9 minutes is a fairly straight forward doomish death metal piece, not much in the way of style variations, though does have a few intresting little breaks here and there.

'Ion' and 'Mill' is one song broken into two seperate tracks, why im not sure the first serves as the intro and continues right through to the next piece, which is another great mix of death metal followed by neo-prog rhythms.

Finally 'Away' starts with lots of echo guitar effects soon joined by a basic drum beat and downbeat vocals, while the guitar brings a little power to the piece this is a borderline gothic/doom song and its 4 seconds shy of an amazing 10 minutes!

Rating 9/10
For fans Of: Valerian Swing, Words Of Farewell, Marillion, King Crimson


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