Intestinal Rot - Consuming Fermented Bile (CD Review)

01.Deep Fried & Vomit Filled
03.Consuming Fermented Vile
04.Re Inventing Mankind
05.Drowning In Mucous
06.Cranium Crushing Cannibals
07.Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

Z. Smith (All Instruments/Vocals)

One man grind band from Canada. this mini album was recorded in 2010 but has now secured its first release on give praise records.

Fast as fuck with super piggy grunts mixed with screams to create a wall of noise that may have some actual chords or riffs, but you cant make it out because everything is played so fucking fast, oh but wait a chord and a breakdown, a hit of a snare and then its Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ugh, argggggggghhhhhhhhhhh again.

And this isnt even that 60 second burst stuff, oh no these fucking songs go on for 4 minutes plus, until the last few which are thankfully short, at least 'C.H.U.D' has a soundtrack from some movie at the beginning as do a few others.

Rating 7/10
For Fans Of: Last Days of Humanity, Foetopsy, Brodequin, Pustulated, Excoriation


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