Analkholic - After Party Shit Stinks (CD Review)

01.Anal Punishment
03.Cumshot Attack
04.Genital Devastation
06.Captain Malt
07.Mes Que Una Beer
08.Shit In Your Mouth
09.Cul Sec
10.Purulent Abscess
11.Fuck You I'm Drunk
12.Sergent Poppers
14.Visceral Torture
15.Anal Montana
16.Double Headed Dildo
17.Dead Leden
18.Virulent Excrement
19.Extraction Of Balls

Arnaud AKA Nono Beer Belly (Bass)
Adrien AKA Fitch (Guitar/Vocals)

A self-styled "Coconut Goregrind" band hailing from New Caledonia (A small French Island on the Pacific Ocean).

So aside from soundbites in an asian voice, and what i think may well be ronald reagan, some other speech here and there, what we have is what you would expect, that is 19 songs all counted in on the drums followed by blastbeats, fuzzy guitar, and screams and shouts instead of vocals.

All may or may not be done in the best possible taste, thing is if this is your kinda music then its another good example, if on the other hand you can't see the point in this stuff then this will not sway your opinion.

Rating 6/10
For fans of: Anal Cunt, Kunt Puncher, Internal Rot


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