Oppression - Scars 1988-1990 (CD Review)

01.A Majesty, A Joker
03.For No Reason
04.Within Six Walls
05.Punishment From The Gods
06.No Day After
08.Into The Dark
09.Immortal Objector

Lare Nieminen (Guitar)
Marco Holstein (Guitar)
Janne Nuotio (Bass)
Harri Luoma (Drums)
Mika Luoma (Vocals)
Santtu Laakso (Vocals on tracks 5-10)

Re-issue of all the demos & 7”EP recorded between ‘88-’90 by the finnish thrash metal band with a technical edge inspired by bands like INFERNÄL MÄJESTY and CORONER.

Well if you want a cd of poor sound quality average, plodding thrash metal, mid paced and sludgey, by a band you have never heard of, then this is the cd for you.

Only good track here is 'Within Six Walls' and thats because some thought appears to have gone into it, from a nice acoustic start to various timing changes creating some intresting sounds and musical variation, otherwise you have to wonder why a record company would even bother with this when there are hundreds of talented bands out there who deserve a chance to get an album to the masses.

Rating 5/10
For fans of: Thrash metal demos


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