Bloodlust - Cultus Diaboli (CD Review)

01.Apocalyptic War Command
02.Sworn Servant Of The Devil
03.Black Blood Of Satan
04.Rex Inferni In Terra (The Antichrist Enthroned)
05.Crowned In Black Fire
06.Infernal Bloodlust
07.Spell Of The Raven Witch
08.Iron Tyrants

Disaster (Vocals/Drums)
Spectre (Guitar/Bass)

Australian band formed around 2011, the rest i leave to them:
Conceived in the slaughter of innocence, upon a desecrated altar of God. Nurtured in the cold earth of the tomb world amongst the bones of the dead. Fed on endless pain and suffering, caressed by the dark mother of decay then thrust howling for vengeance into this mortal world on a mission to do Satan's deadly work.

Bloodlust are a unit of infernal soldiers risen from Hell to spread a plague of blasphemous darkness against the light and all that is holy.

Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of dirty, thrashing black metal riffs, relentless bludgeoning war drums and scorchingly vicious vokills, Bloodlust spit forth a venomous tirade against Jehovah and his cowering angels. The rhetoric of holy destruction written in blood and the audial terror.

Inspired by visions of decaying graveyards, black magic rituals, demonic summoning and the mighty Infernal Lord, Satan, Bloodlust follow in the musical path of early metal warriors Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and Bathory.
"Thrashing Black Devil Worship" was the first demo release from Bloodlust featuring four raw and gritty tracks of old school black thrash straight from the fiery depths of Hell.

Opening track has a killer drum intro then just explodes into classic old school black metal punk, screaming vocals over a wall of power.

A spoken intro to 'Black Blood Of Satan' leads us into another sledgehammer performance, but this one throws in some great guitar solos and even a few timing changes.

Next stand out track is 'Crowned In Black Fire' a solid bass intro to a very raw song, full of fury and a nice nod to early thrash metal.

'Spell Of The Raven Witch' really blasts the speakers, another powerhouse of drumming and riffs, yet somehow they manage to keep it mid paced at the same time, half way through starts to show signs of doom metal and then ends on some great melodic guitarwork.

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Venom, Warfare, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Bathory


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