Human Waste - Harvest Remnants (CD Review)

01.So Is Death [Demo '93]
02.Cranial [Demo '93]
03.The Men And Their Lives [Demo '93]
04.The Almighty Protozoan [Demo '93]
05.Pool Of Tears [Demo '93]
06.Sacro Sanctum Semen [Demo '92]
07.The Hegemony Of Reality [Demo '92]
08.Pseudo-Disharmonic Excrescence Of Noiseous Micro-Kaos [Demo '92]
09.Inert Bodies Distillation [Demo '92]
10.The Silence [Demo '92]
11.Existential Nausea [Demo '92]
12.When Gravity Acts [Demo '92]
13.Beauty Also Rots [Demo '91]
14.Nonsense Time [Demo '91]
15.Human Waste [Demo '91]
16.Reaffirmation Of Repression [Demo '91]
17.The Miracle Of Death [Demo '91]
18.Pool of Tears [Demo '91]
19.Psychic Fear [Demo '91]
20.Circle Of The Tyrants (Celtic Frost) [Demo '91]

Dani Audí (Drums - Jan 1990/Jan 2000)
Carlos Matheu (Guitar & Vocals - Jan 1990/Jan 2000)
Jaume F.Baila (Bass - Jan 1990/May 1991)
Fede Viles (Guitar - Jan 1990/Dec 1992)
Pedro "Pedrito" (Bass - July 1991/Sep 1993)
Alex Valero (Guitar - Dec 1992/1998)
Alex Valero (Bass - 1998/Jan 2000)
Xavi Valero (Bass - Sep 1993/1998)
Carlos Ayyad (Guitar - 1999)
Jaume Estupinyà (Guitar- 1999/Jan 2000)

The beginning
Human Waste were born in 1990 in Tortosa (Catalonia). Its founding members were Carles Matheu, Daniel Audi, Jaume F. Baila and Federic Viles. On these early days they played a very aggressive, fast and technical death metal. You can confirm this listening at their two first demo-tapes, “The miracle of death” (1991 Drowned Prod) and “Existential nausea” (1992 Drowned Prod).

So is death
In 1994 Lard Records from Japan edited “So is death”, the first HumanWaste CD that included “Existential Nausea” and five new songs recorded at the Metall Pesad Estudios in Barcelona.
HumanWaste appears in several compilations CD around the world and plays live intensily with bands like Offense, Mortal Mutilation, Obscure, Absorbed, S.A. or Anathema.

Brothel of Souls
We are in 1997. The band changes its concept drastically and begins to experiment with computers, samplers and sequencers. At this time HumanWaste is a two members band (D.Audi and C.Matheu). Two years later “Brothel of souls” is born and released through Falco Music. Eight songs where the always present and heavy guitars and the screaming vocals share protagonism with the analog synths, brass, pianos, strings and orchestral arrangements.

This is a cd re-issue of their first demos from '91/'92/'93 by this legendary spanish band of intense, corrosive and twisted Death Metal. Includes liner notes, lyrics, covers, photos, flyers.

As is often the case with these kind of releases it comes down to if you like or (even) know the band as to how intrested you are going to be.
Would have prefered the demos to have been in order, thats a good way to see how the band progressed, but as its all mixed up it leads to not only a difference in sound but in sound quality as well.

Sure there is some good music here, but nothing outstanding or to make even the most die hard of death metal fans go parting with a pile of money.

Rating 7/10
For Fans Of: Voi Vod, Obituary


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