Forgotten Horror - Aeon Of The Shadow Goddess (CD Review)

01.The Adept
02.Behold A Shadow Goddess
03....Of Man's First Rebellion
05.In Ravenous Darkness (The Shores Of Mictlan)
06.Queen Of An Ivory Moon
07.Babalon Emissaries
08.Her Crescent Horns
09.The Ghost Of Time

Tuomas Karhunen (Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards/Bass)
Kennet (Guitar)
Kassara (Drums)

Mariann Hermansson (Vocals)
Jodi Cachia (Vocals)
Jess (Vocals)
Thomas Corpse (Guitar on track 3)
Abraham (Piano)
Kai Jaakkola (Death Screams)
Antti Boman (Death Screams)
Kosti Orbinski (Guitar Track 7)

Black/Death Metal band from Finland formed in 2004.

The band's frontman Tuomas Karhunen speaks:

"Making this Babalon's Beast of an album has been an extremely long process during which the material has matured a lot. As Forgotten Horror walks hand in hand with my own personal and spiritual growth, this dark alchemical process has required me to turn my life completely upside down, to step back and re-evaluate everything regarding music and my personal life. When it comes to songwriting, there are a lot of new elements and layers and everything is more dynamic than before.

With "Aeon of the Shadow Goddess" I set out to create an album that I could stand behind wholeheartedly; an album I gave my absolute everything for, and in that I have succeeded. I've poured my heart soul into this work of devotion towards the Queen of Souls, the beauteous Daughter of Sunset."

Very quiet and slow intro to 'The Adept' then starts to come to life with some spooky sounding keyboards and other instruments, then it just explodes into a full modern black metal attack, sounding like early Cradle Of Filth, except i dont ever remember them having some spanish acoustic guitar in the mix, which this does and it sounds amazing.

More hi-octane blast beats with the second track, this one has more of a death metal feel, though with some symphonic undertones, same is true of the next one as well.

'Lilithian' returns to more traditional black metal, has a furious guitar sound and the song is a drum driven monster, lots of great vocals as well.

Next track 'In Ravenous Darkness' really throws everything into the mix, not only some full speed mayhem but a nice breakdown with near spoken vocals over it and it ends on a slow doomy beat with great female harmony chorus and piano.

Beautiful gothic guitar intro to 'Queen Of An Ivory Moon', the riff remains throughout even when the rest of the music takes on a more agressive pace, and again towards the end some great harmony backing vocals.

Now this one starts with the feamale harmony backing vocals, but then 'Babalon Emissaries' soon turns into another powerhouse of speed and agression, this one ends with some church organ.

After another more death metal style song we end on 'The Ghost Of Time' which has a riff running through it that i've heard somewhere before (Though cant think where).
they certainly don't let up on the speed and go for a quiet final song that's for sure.

Rating 8/10
For Fans Of: Vallenfyre, Cradle Of Filth, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir.


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