Child Of Caesar - Love In Black (CD Review)

02.Red Sun
05.Long Live The Night
06.Lost Sacrifice
08.At Heart
09.Love In Black
10.Worlds Without Skies

Daniel Mitchell (Vocals)
André Marcussen (Guitar)
Christopher F.Kassad (Bass/Guitar)
Dino Cadavian (Drums)

Love in Black is the debut album of German Goth Metal band Child of Caesar featuring Daniel Mitchell from U.S. Metal band "Autumns Eyes" on vocals.

It lyrically deals with morbid themes about life & death whereas the musical influences reach from The Sisters of Mercy to Tiamat and Paradise Lost.

Child of Caesar is making no secret about its love for 90’s heavy music. After recording and mixing at Tones & Tunes Studios in Oberhausen, Mika Jussila from Finnvox was hired for mastering to show gratitude to the evocative sound of that time…

So first question is who's on the keyboards??? I ask because the playing on this album is very good, yet no credit???

Right so we start with 'Defector' a stunning Goth/metal hybrid, simple chords power through the frantic drumming and synth patterns whilst the vocalist remains at a calm and harmonic level.

'Red Sun' is a slow, near anthemic song, more rock than metal with a dark overtone, in fact this is the way forward, forget the "Metal" tag this is pure Gothic Rock.

I tell you the haunting keyboard on 'Long Live The Night' is pure Static X, the mood of the song, just everything about it, just brilliant.

Whole albums fantastic, stop reading this and go buy a copy now :-)

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Static X, Tiamat, Placebo, Sisters Of Mercy, Deathstars, Marilyn Manson


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