Mindful Of Pripyat - ...And Deeper I Drown In Doom (CD Review)

04.Cleansed By Fallout
05.Lone In Town
06.Deterrence 0
07.Deep Water Coffin
08.Mindful Of Pripyat
09.Oblivion Descends
10.Rusty Skin
11.40 Seconds
15.Impressions Of A Sick Mind

Gio (Drums/Vocals)
Tya (Vocals/Noise)
Giu (Guitar/Bass/Vocals)

Grindcore/Death Metal band from Italy, formed in 2014 to create a blast and scream  mixture of sickening grindcore/death noise, in vein of old school past acts like Napalm Death and Terrorizer.

14 original hi-speed smashes in the face, its incredibly fast and full of screaming and a wall of noise, in other words its a throw back to the birth of the genre without compromise.

In fact you get lulled into this false sense of security right from the start with 'Containment' which has this slow synth pulse, i wonder if they are doing something different? I asked myself before getting smashed over the head by some stunning brutality.

About the only song here that has a bit more to it is 'Mindful Of Pripyat' at 2 minutes and 12 seconds the longest track and one which has distorted doomy bits between the screams.

Add to this 2 cover versions, 'Oblivian Descends' by Unseen Terror and 'Contagion' by Defecation and we have a full and wellm executed album of Grindcore.

Rating 8/10
For fans Of : Napalm Death, Electro Hippies, Unseen Terror


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