Hoth - The Black Goddess Return (CD Review)

01.The Reaping Intro
02.Angel Slayer
03.Words Of Old
04.Real Of Fire
05.Upon The Sacred Hill
06.The Hellrider
07.Celebration Of Bastet
08.Shades Of Black
09.God Of Wrath
10.The Dragons Breath
11.The Black Goddess
12.Demons Enthral All Decievers

J.A (Vocals/All Instruments)

Black Metal from Portugal, formed in 1988 as a one man project by Jose Afonso - who is a legend of sorts from Portugal. The man is involved in bands like DECAYED, ALASTOR, THUGNOR and NETHERMANCY. This is the third full length one under the name of HOTH.

To be honest this isn't a very "Black Metal" album at all, this has more in common with death or thrash metal, pounding riffs and solid hi speed drum work over a melodic death metal styled vocal, throw in the occasional bit of keyboard work and a few great guitar solos and this is a good album of modern metal, perhaps even more impressive due to the fact that it's all by one musician.

A track like 'Celebration Of Bastet' really sticks out (in a good way) its a slow almost gothic doom instrumental, nice guitar tones and a quality downbeat vibe.

Going to pick out 'God Of Wrath' as well, this one is a stunning thrash/death workout, full of chugging guitar chords and an outstanding solo, and 'Demons Entral All Decievers' it's eight doom laden minutes and has some nice samples thrown in towards the end.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Slayer, Deicide, Evile, Morbid Angel


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