Coffinfish - I Am Providence (CD Review)

01.Zadok Allen
02.The Expedition
04.Against Life
05.Staring At The Abyss

Czapla (Guitar)
Jasiek (keyboards)
Kolek (Drums)
Lobo (Vocals)
Michal (Bass)
Prymas (Guitar)

From Krakow, The band was formed back in 2011. Since then they have constantly continued evolving, developing a unique style, inspired by tales of weird fiction and the mysteries of the Ocean, Space and the human mind.
Described as a hybrid of post metal/experimental and sludge influenced by the work of H.P.Lovecraft, they released thier first EP in 2013.

Crashing waves and and we are off with 'Zadok Allen' in comes a doom guitar chord and then this most amazing keyboard sound, pure 70's British Prog, what could come next?

'The Expedition' is a different beast, a strange mix of technical metal played slowly at various tempos with numerous different vocal styles, elements of death metal and Progressive rock.

Up next is 'The Watchers' and its 12 minutes long, slow keyboard pulse and looped guitar chords create a gothic rock ambience, then the drums start to pump out this hypnotic rhythm, it starts to get into full swing when the guitar knocks out this proto thrash riff, but they somehow pull it back and bring back that old school keyboard.
Really great vocal starts nice and melodic and then gets more and more agressive as the song progresses, sorry have to mention those keyboards again because there are nice little patterns created in the mix, as this song goes on it at times sounds almost like a death/doom band.

More atmospheric sounds, almost drifting away to somewhere nice then 'Against Life' screamed through the speakers and im back in front of the laptop writing this!

'Staring At The Abyss' another epic 12 minutes, manages to somehow be everything, melody and agression, doom and prog and everything in between, stunning mix, production and musical perfection by some very talented players.

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of: Mastodon, Tool, Stone Circle, Words Of Farewell


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