Black Pestilence - Outsiders (CD Review)

01.Cult Class
02.Silent Assassin
03.Unseen Force
04.Horns For The Devil
05.Sonic Static
07.Razing Taboo
08.Voiceless Generation

Valax (Bass/Vocals)
Viktor (Guitar)
Little V (Drums)

Canadian band formed in 2008, Black Pestilence combines grimy punk rock with electronic noise, all through the devastation of black metal. In 2009, Black Pestilence's first full­length album, "Vice" was independently released. “Vice” was originally released as a one­man solo project. However, later on Valax recruited live members in order to take the music to the live stage. Founding member, Valax simply describes the music as "black metal built on punk and noise."
In 2011, "Tradition is Obsolete" was released. This album is a representation of Black Pestilence's more experimental side with a strong emphasis placed on electronic noise and samples.
In 2013 Black Pestilence released their third full­length album, “In Defiance”. This album was by far their fastest and most fierce release, it featured intense speed from street punk, all presented through the furious lens of black metal and otherworldly samples.

Wow what an intresting mix of styles, listening to 'Cult Class' we get a sampled start, then the drums kick with some brilliant bass work, like early 80's punk bands, then as the speed picks up even more it gets this Motorhead vibe, the vocals are very rough and the backing is very "shout it out".

'Silent Assassin' begins with some electronic samples and then turns into a very punky metal song, again really ahve to pick out that bass playing, its got a great live and raw sound.

So from the punk/metal genre we now move somewhere totally different with 'Unseen Force', this is a slow an almost symphonic/goth sounding song, except its very electronic and has a vocal tubed effect on it, the heavier elements come in with death metal precision, this could almost be Fear Factory or Ministry.

The next few songs return to the punk/metal style and then finally we end with 'Voiceless Generation', a mid paced mix of samples over bass and drums then towards the end when the keyboards come in it gets symphonic.

I dont know which band member is the samples/keyboard guy but he really does this very well, this is a great an very unexpected album, electronic punk, the one thing i didnt get from any of the songs was black metal, so this is not in "Aborym" territory.

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Anything from Ministry to UK Subs!!!!!


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