Galley Beggar - Silence & Tears (CD Review)

01.Adam And Eve
02.Pay My Body Home
03.Empty Sky
04.Jack Orion
06.Silence And Tears
07.Sanctuary Song
08.Deliver Him

Paul Dadswell (Drums/Vocals)
David Ellis (Guitar/Mandolin)
Mat Fowler (Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals)
Bill Lynn (Bass)
Celine Marshall (Violin)
Maria O’Donnell (Vocals)

Hailing from Kent and London, Galley Beggar formed circa 2009 and are a band of six musicians that grew up obsessed with an old sound from Fairport Convention to Led Zeppelin.

The name derives from an old English ghost, often reported in the North of England and mentioned as far back as 1584, in Reginald Scot's The Discovery of Witchcraft. This fearsome ghost is described as being almost without flesh and bearing its head under its arm and emitting a deathly scream. The name is derived from the word 'Gallery', meaning to terrify. This ghost is likely to be encountered on country roads and deserted lanes.

Starting with the soft acoustic 'Adam And Eve' the band quickly nail their influences to the wall for all to see, this is as perfect and authentic psychedelic/acid folk as you will ever be lucky enough to hear, from the stunning vocals to the beautiful mandolin and violin.

Up next is a 9 minute epic called 'Pay My Body Home', again its very laid back with some psychedelic guitar work in the mix, even when the pace picks up and the drums increase to match the solo it somehow remains "chilled" as if on a sunny riverbank drinking ice cold cider whilst watching the river flow by.

Phased acoustic guitar and vocal and 'Empty Sky' has a slightly more modern feel, still follows the same patterns of classic folk but this one is more "All About Eve" than "The Trees".

Highly reminiscent of "Steely Span" comes 'Jack Orion' an upbeat multi vocal song, complete with a catchy violin riff, and you dont get to say that very often.

Now 'Geordie' returns to a slightly darker sound, laid back drum beat drives this along and then comes a short guitar solo that just lifts the piece to a higher level.

The title track 'Silence & Tears' is another great acoustic workout with stunning vocals, this is followed by 'Sanctuary Song' which is more of the same only with harmony backing vocals.

The final track is 'Deliver Him' which is mainly a multi tracked vocal (reminded me a bit of Karen Carpenter) a little violin and what sounds like a bit of synth in the background, towards the end the acoustic guitar picks up the pace and then, all too soon, the album is over.

Rating 10/10
For fans Of: Circulus, The Trees, Pentangle, Led Zeppelin, All About Eve


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