Chainsheart - Leaving Planet Hell (CD Review)

01.Soul Kingdom
03.Flames That Rise
05.Final Destination
06.Return To The Stage
07.Points Of You
08.Never Stand Still
09.Dangerous Drop
11.The Spell

Yiannis Savva (Vocals)
Kikis Apostolou (Guitar)
Alex Chamberlain (Guitar)
Paris Lambrou (Guitar)
M.G. (Drums)

Bob Katsionis (Keyboards)
Nicholas Leptos (Vocals)

Classic hard rock/heavy metal band from Cyprus comprised of seasoned musicians, all of whom are extremely passionate rockers and this is clearly evident throughout their music and performances. The band began in 2011 as the solo project of vocalist Yiannis Savva who soon after decided to form a band, thus CHAINSHEART were born.

In late 2012 the band self released their first album “Just Another Day”, a purely hard rock album, it received positive feedback from press and media. The band however underwent several line-up changes and has finally found its true sound and style - classic heavy metal.

First three songs, really do fit that classic heavy metal style from the 1980's, full of melody and powerful vocals, nice guitar solos etc, then comes 'Mystery' which reminds me a bit of that bloody awful Scorpions ballad.

We get back on track with 'Final Destination', pounding drums, great riffs, it all moves along at a great pace, as do all the rest of the songs, see the thing here is that its all sounding nice and "Retro" but this is 2015, it doesn't seem to have any modern elements, in all fairness this is an 80's euro metal album and if you look back with fondness at those days and have everything ever released and want to add something new to the collection i suggest you rush out and grab a copy.

Rating 7/10
For Fans Of: Scorpions, Dio, Dokken


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