Desert - Never Regret (CD Review)

01.Chasing The Prey
02.Assassins Fate
03.Son Of A Star
04.The Wolfs Attack
05.Never Regret
06.The Road To You
08.Flying Dutchman
09.Final Journey
10.Imperial Eagle

Alexei Raymar (Vocals)
Sergei Metalheart (Guitar)
Max Shafranski (Guitar)
Sergei Dmitrik (Bass)
Oleg Aryutkin (Keyboards)
Assaf Markowitz (Drums)

Ralf Scheepers (Vocals)
Infy Snow (Vocals)
Alex Zvulun (Guitar)
Merry Ann Genin (Violin)

Desert are a Dark Epic Metal band from Israel formed in 2002, since then they have expanded their musical palette mixing in some darker colors to go with power and epic metal.
During those years were released 2 EP’s: “The Way To Honor” 2004, “Prophecy Of The Madman” 2006 and one full length studio album "Star Of Delusive Hopes which was released in early 2011 by the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records .
The album was recorded and produced by Nick Savio (Hollow Haze, White Skull) at Remaster Studio in Vicenza (Italy). Mix and mastering were done by Andy La Roque – a legendary guitarist of King Diamond at Sonic Train Studio in Varberg (Sweden). The internet single "Lament for Soldier's Glory", featuring a guest performance by Joakim Broden, the lead singer of 'Sabaton'.
On the waves of successful “Star Of Delusive Hopes” on 2012 the band started the pre-production work of the second full length album, later named as “Never Regret”. The album was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Zvulun at A.G. Studio in Tel-Aviv. As for previous album the cover artwork was done by a great Brazilian artist Jobert Mello – well known by his work with numerous bands including 'Primal Fear' and 'Grave Digger'.
Ralf Scheepers, a legendary voice of 'Primal Fear' has also contributed his voice to one of the tracks on the album alongside some other guests.

It may be well played but an intro is an intro and as with most intros it goes right into the first song 'Assassins Fate' so why not just have it at the beginning of the song?
Right so onto the song, its Power Metal, but with a difference, this one has more layers to it, a strong drum driven track, great harmony with both keyboards and backing vocals, clever little timing changes and a proper guitar solo.
The lead vocal style reminds me of Snowy Shaw, big, powerfull with plenty of range.

'Son Of A Star' is a slow and pounding anthemic piece, another superb vocal delivery, some Maidenesque guitar work and a great little keyboard hook.

A dark and moody start with church organ starts up and then 'The Wolfs Attack' builds into a full on metal attack, such is the style of this one that at times it has more than a touch of the legendary Crazy World Of Arthur Brown about it, add to this some shout it out loud backing vocals, a real stand out song.

Has to be said that 'Never Regret' is a very commercial sounding song, another stunning vocal delivery with a harmony line reminiscent of Lacuna Coils version of Depeche Modes 'Enjoy The Silence'and brilliant keyboard work all making for an intresting mix of symphonic rock and Rammstein.

A near ballad next with 'The Road To You' this one is quite operatic thanks in part to a stunning female vocal performance half way through, the music itself sounds almost cinematic in its execution.

I was wondering if '1812' may be a take on the classical masterpiece, but this is another symphonic/power metal song, hyper drumming over laid back keyboard and atmospheric guitar work, oh and lets forget that evil sounding bassline.Yet again we are treated to another passionate and powerfull vocal that hits every high note with perfect pitch.

Time for some folk rock as the violin starts off 'Flying Dutchman' and this one fits the genre "Battle Metal" with its high octane mix of epic sing-a-long vocals and solid riffs, this one "Sails" along and then gets into that classic folk rock rhythm with a stunning mix of violin and guitar.

Another cinematic intro and 'Final Journey' bursts into life before going all quiet with a simple vocal over piano which then picks up into a faster paced piece, more of that solid basswork is present here as well as that epic vocal performance.

A military trumpet (well keyboard to sound like one) and a snare rhythm to match leads us into 'Imperial Eagle' a few seconds shy of eight minutes this one really fits the term "Epic", i've said it before and i will say it again this one has some killer basswork going on and that Snowy Shaw/Till Lindermann style of singing is just to die for.Thrown into the mix are some sound samples of swords, i mention this because for some reason they really stick out as a way of underlining the theme of the piece.

Finally 'Invincible' the same way as we started, a style of music played with total precision and understanding.

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Snowy Shaw, Tristania, Therion, Dream Evil, Orpheus Blade, Synkvervet, Rammstein

Guest Vocalist Infy Snow


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