IL Vuoto - Weakness (CD Review)

01.And Night Devours Me
02.The Harvest
03.Sea Of Emptiness
04.And Night Took Her
05.Through Mirrors I Saw The Ghost Of Me
06.I, Essence Of Nothingness
07.Closure XVII

Il Vuoto (All Instruments/Vocals)

Jurre Timmer (Sorrow and Lamentations)

After two demos released previously this year, Weakness is the first full length from Funeral Doom Metal one-man band, Il Vuoto from italy.

Depressing and super-slow doom metal, with a soft drone vein and symphonic elements,
Jurre Timmer of 'Algos' returns on guest vocals, having previously sung on the Sea Of Emptiness demo released this may.

'And Night Devours Me' has this wondeful piano beginning which goes into some stunning and atmospheric music. When the drums and guitars really kick in, this remains a slow, dark and highly melodic ten minutes.
The dark vocals are backed by some fantastic choral work.

A change of pace with 'The Harvest' which is a funeral doom/black metal styled song, painful and slow and very evil.

Returning to more melodic territory is 'Sea Of Emptiness', of course when i say melodic i mean in terms of the backing music, the vocals are very gruff.
The second half of the song has some jazzy guitarwork, nice piano and some spoken word bits.

Strange mix of piano and violin on the short instrumental 'And Night Took Her' is followed by a quiet, melodic almost gothic piece.

Another ten minute monster next with 'I, Essence Of Nothingness', at times this ventures into near progressive rock, a clever and well thought out piece that has the heavy elements of black metal and doom but the melody and structure of neo-prog, outstanding guitarwork at times.

Perhaps 'Closure XVII' is the perfect way to end, a short classical piece with piano and violins.

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Shape of Despai, Nortt, Monumentum


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