Magen - Thoughts In Greyscale EP (CD Review)

03.Smother Me Gently
04.A Shape In The Wood

Ethel Feigman (Vocals)
Gal Shnaider (Guitar)
Naor Zakhaim (Guitar)
Ari Dorot (Bass)
Tommy Tenenbaum (Drums)

Magen is an Israeli band formed in october 2012, best described as a combination of Alternative Metal, Heavy metal, Progressive rock with elements from Jazz, swing and other classic genres.
Their attitude is: "Rock & Roll, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Prog and whatever we'll feel like in the future".

'Greyscale' starts with near Doom metal chords and drum beats, then it goes all quiet and starts to get this metalcore meets indie vibe.
Quirky basslines and rhythmic drum patterns drive this one along and it's all completed with a strong original sounding female vocal.

Basically the song 'Hinder' is more of that "metalcore" stuff, a sort of pop metal hybrid, not really my thing but the next track 'Smother Me Gently' has a little more to offer, some clever breakdowns and timing changes.

Finally 'A Shape in The Wood' a great swing inspired pop rocker, really upbeat and one i have no doubt is a live fave.

Not as complex as i was expecting from their biography, but still a good solid Ep.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: In This Moment, A Perfect Circle.