The Backstabbers - High Speed Rock & Roll EP (CD Review)

01.Ain't Going Home
03.One For The Road
04.This Town

Jesperi Mommo (Guitar/Vocals)
Aleksi Tiainen (Drums)
Roope Tapio (Bass)

The Backstabbers are a Rock n Roll trio formed 2013 in the heart of Lapland in Finland.
In the last two years they have managed to play over 50 shows in Finland.
So far they have released 2 Ep's and a single on Cd.
In September 2015 the band moved from the countryside of Lapland to Helsinki, the capital of Finland in order to get things rolling the big way.

This is a great little EP, full of hi energy heavy rock n roll, like a combination of old school AC/DC and early 80's Motorhead.
Strong gruff vocals are backed by punchy basslines, solid drums and huge fun guitar riffs.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Motorhead, AC/DC, Airborne, Chrome Division, The Cumshots


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