Meuchelmord - Apathie EP (CD Review)


Cernunnos (Guitar/Vocals/Drums/Bass/Keyboards)

One man depressive black metal from Germany, began in 2011 and after three releases went away in 2013.Now returning with this new EP.

Beautiful piano opening to 'Einklang', starts to give way to almost industrial metal sounds before moving into a brief black metal blast and then after a bit more piano we come to some evil screams and 'Seelenfrieden', with its quite uplifting and melodic backing, driven by a catchy guitar riff and some timing changes this shapes up into a great almost symphonic styled piece, yes its rough around the edges but not that depressing at all!

'Jahr' with its distortion and downtuned, slow and pounding rhythms is almost into sludge metal, however the growl vocal and piano soon return this to a dark and moody song. Great backing vocal effects help give this a ghostly feel as well.

It's strange but 'Apathie' with its upbeat drums and happy sounding guitar playing, somehow still manages to be an overall downbeat song, maybe its when all hell breaks loose and the heavy guitar riff comes in over the screaming vocal?

'Regeneration' is more of a "pure" black metal piece, the piano really comes through on this one, subtle but near perfection.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Castle, Triptykon, Balmog, Dryom, Axis Of Perdition