Chiral - Night Sky (CD Review)

01.My Temple Of Isolation
02.Nightside 1 : Everblack Fields
03.Nightside 2 : Sky Wonder
04.The Morning Passage
05.Beneath The Snow & The Fallen Leaves

Chiral (All Instruments/Vocals)

Chiral is an Italian one-man band, from the countryside near Piacenza, started at the end of 2013.
Chiral incorporates musical elements of the North-East USA Cascadian Black Metal (like Wolves In The Throne Room and Agalloch), atmospheric as well as raw black metal influences (like old Burzum and Ulver) with a special taste for acoustic instruments by the likes of Opeth and Falls of Rauros.
The lyrical themes are mainly based on introspection, nature, solitude, pain, death and even love.

If you like 10 minutes of superb acoustic folk, catchy riffs and short blasts of black metal then 'My Temple Of Isolation' is the perfect way to go.
Its a stunning and brilliant mix of styles with perfect production.

'Nightside 1 : Everblack Fields' takes us into a different sound, this is near symphonic with epic keyboards and synthersizers, whilst 'Nightside 2 : Sky Wonder' continues this theme it adds more in the way of guitar and drum and towards the end returns to the black metal.

Very laid back and acoustic comes 'The Morning Passage', this one even has harmonica on it, its a simple but interesting instrumetal.

Finally 'Beneath The Snow & The Fallen Leaves' is another great melodic, laid back piece, at times almost progressive yet somehow it retains that black metal edge.

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Burzum Wolves In The Throne Room, HaatE, Ulver, Goblin


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