Vomit Of Doom - Obey The Darkness (CD Review)

01.Haunting (Intro)
03.Conspiracy Vs the World
04.Evoked Devastation
05.Maze of Doom
06.Hablan los ya muertos (Interlude)
07.Obey the Darkness
08.Metal Pussy Attack
09.Kill the New Messiah
10.Satan's Vengeance
11.Ultimatum (Outro)
12.Troops of Desolation (demo)
13.Into the Perdition (demo)

L.Warpig Venomous Abominator (Drums/Vocals)
Artillery Command (Guitars)
Endless Malevolence (Guitar)

From Argentinia, formed in 2009. A black/thrash band featuring ex Insultor drummer Warpig.

See i dont like intros, but 'Haunting' is a nice atmospheric guitar piece, just should have been at the beginning of the song 'Perversecution' as opposed to a seperate track.
But anyway on to the first proper track and its good old school thrash/speed complete with an epic riff frenzy at the end, the "Black' element seems to be the gruff vocals.

'Conspiracy Vs the World' could be Venom, has that same raw punk energy and speed, as do the next few tracks as well until we hit the 'Interlude'. Really? Two and a half minutes of some sampled speech or movie dialogue.

At least we return to the straight forward stuff after that until the stupid 'Outro'.
The last two demos are so muffled and raw you can barley make them out.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Venom, Warfare, Darkthrone, Cendra, Balmog


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