Chugun - Virus (CD Review)

02.Unholy Warrior
03.Sadistic Rites
07.Fall Of Mankind
08.Print In Blood
09.Evil Whiskey

Denise Jani (Vocals)
Timur Sizov (Guitar)
Alexey Saprikin (Bass)
Yahel Goldstein (Drums)

Chugun (meaning cast iron in Russian) was formed in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2010.
By the end of 2013 they had recorded and released three demo tracks and began preforming.
After only four shows they were one of five bands selected to participate in the 'Wacken Metal Battle' Israeli Finals.
The band's musical style combines the speed and savage aggression of old school Thrash and Death Metal along with the rhythmic elements of modern metal, to create fast, aggressive and intense music.
Recently, they completed recording their debut album "Virus".

Highly technical and quite brutal Death Metal, delieverd at high speed with a few added Thrash Elements mainly with the powerchord and rhythms.
Now add to this a screaming female vocal that would give Arch Enemy a fright and you have a solid and well executed album.

Rating 6/10
For fans of: Arch Enemy, DevilDriver


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