Warfield - Call To War EP (CD Review)

01.Call To War
02.Killing Ecstasy
03.Terror Will Prevail
04.Under The Surface

Johannes Clemens (Vocals)
Matthias Clemens (Guitar)
Dominic Potts (Guitar)
Ethan Stokes (Bass)
Dominik Marx (Drums)

The first band's formation took place with the introduction of bassist Frederik Pütz
at the beginning of 2012, after Johannes, Matthias and Dominik had already played together.
After a few appearances, Dominic joined the band in the fall of 2013 to occupy the 2nd guitar slot.
In spring 2014, followed by other gigs, the work for the Debut EP "Call to War" had begun, which was released in october 2014.
Shortly thereafter Frederik Pütz had to leave the band because of time problems and
was replaced by Ethan at the beginning of 2015.

So 'Call To War' kicks off this Ep in some style, classic old school Thrash Metal, every timing change and riff perfectly placed, vocals are a bit gruff but that still (just) works, same can be said of 'Killing Ecstasy'.

Picking up the space and mixing Thrash with Speed Metal comes the slayerish 'Terror Will Prevail', this one ticks the boxes in terms of pace and again those timing changes, i was waiting for and got the dual guitar solos towards the end.

'Under The Surface' slows things down a bit, full of punchy rhythms and the vocal style is now starting to settle down and that is more apparent on the last track 'Martyr' the Slayer influence even more obvious and that vocal has the Tom snarl from the show no mercy days.
More epic riffing draws this to a close and an enjoyable trip back towards the birth of the movement by a bunch of guys who were not even born during the decade (or the following one )it started!

For afns of: Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus, Evile, Elimination, Virus


Pinless Grenade said…
I can't believe i only found out about them now!

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