Hellight - Journey Through Endless Storm (CD Review)

01.Journey Through Endless Storm
02.Dive In The Dark
03.Distant Light That Fades
06.Beyond Stars
07.Shapeless Forms Of Emptiness
08.End Of Pain

Fabio De Paula (Vocals/Guitar)
Alexandre Vida (Bass)
Rafael Sade (Keyboards)

Doom metal band from Brazil formed in 1996. So with that huge amount of information from the PR department of their record company let's go straight to the review.

'Journey Through Endless Storm' has a very atmospheric start and quickly becomes this classical soundscape that decends into a slow, pounding doom monster with each thump of the drum or powerchord comes a high pitched keyboard note as well. The vocals whilst typical dark/growl and not as harsh as many from the genre and therefore easier on the ear.
Towards the end some pretty epic clean singing and some impressive guitar playing.

Fairly straight forward symphonic/doom with 'Drive In The Dark', lifted once more by some powerful vocals.

Taking an even darker route comes 'Distant Light That Fades' were it not for the uplifting guitar and keyboards towards the end then this would be more Funeral doom as opposed to what i would say has some gothic rock influence.

Nice piano intro to 'Time' which gives way to some more slightly high pitched keyboard notes, as this one goes on you start to get this great chorus backing and some near prog rock levels of song building.

'Cemetherapy' is more funeral doom, as is 'Beyond Stars', though the latter has some pretty heavy dual pedal programming towards the end.

'Shapeless Forms Of Emptiness' is very heavy and totally keyboard dominated like the proto doom bands of the early 1970's but with feet firmly placed in the now.

We end with a short near instrumental 'End Of Pain', with very classical overtones and a female harmony vocal, though i dont know who by?

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Doomed, Serpentine Path, Il Vuoto, Nortt


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