Ohrenfeindt - Motor An! (CD Review)

01.Zeit Für Rock’n’Roll
03.Die Hoffnung Stirbt Zuletzt
04.Nimm Die Kohle Und Renn
05.Gib Mir Mein Problem Zurück
06.Früh Oder Später
07.Motor An!
09.Für Rock’n’Roll Gebaut
10.Reich Würde Schon Reichen

Chris Laut (Bass/Vocals)
Andi Rohde (Drums)
Pierre "Keule" Blesse (Guitar)

German rock band formed in 1994.
It’s like a well-tried recipe that never gets old: Take three or four loud riffs, a pounding rhythm section, dirty guitars and the typical sound of the producer duo Olman Viper and singer/bassplayer Chris Laut, who once again worked successfully together on this album in the Hertzwerk Nullzwei Studios in Hamburg, Germany.
This time drummer Andi Rohde and guitar player Pierre “Keule” Blesse were also involved in the song writing process and the result is better than ever!
Three guys, two words, one mission: MOTOR AN! (Which literally means “Start the engine!”)

To be honest there is little i can add in terms of this review to the one i did for their previous album "Auf Die Fresse Ist Umsonst" back in july 2013.
It's an album of Ac/Dc meets Rose Tattoo with a hint of Hanoi Rocks, all sung in German (Not a problem for Rammsteins world domintaion).

This time around there doesnt appear to be any guest musicians, just the band themselves doing what they do best.

Rating 8/10
For afns of: Ac/Dc, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo


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