All We Expected & Raum Kingdom - Split EP (CD Review)

01.All We Expected - We're Not Born to Live Like Brutes
02.All We Expected - Flood
03.Raum Kingdom - Grace
04.Raum Kingdom - Lost in the Hunt

Guillian Maertens (Guitar/Vocals)
Tijl Tytgat (Guitar)
Martijn Salomez (Bass)
Artuur Bruwier (Drums)

All We Expected have been creating music since 2012 and started performing live later in 2013, from belgium Driven by intense emotions and raw energy, All We Expected brings forth a fierce mix of dark atmospheres, melodic basslines and pounding drums.

For information on Raum Kingdom see previous post  RAUM KINGDOM

Was not expecting that! Both of All we Expected tracks are really long songs, mainly instrumentals (well i cant hear much in the way of vocals), they are sort of doom influenced but with a neo prog delivery, in some ways the guitar style reminds me of Muse and even Radiohead, but not as poppy or depressive as either of those bands.

As for Raum Kingdom, not much to add here in terms of general praise for this band whose self titled EP (see link above) was outstanding.
Each song is ten minutes in duration and has the same doom/grunge vibe as everything else i have heard by them, full of melody and interesting timing changes.

Rating 9/10
For fans Of: Isis, Muse, Tool, Deftones


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