Antagonist Zero - No Tears (CD Review)

01.No Tears
02.Profound Oblivion
04.Missä Muruseni On
05.The Lachrymal Sleep

Ben Pakarinen (Guitar/Vocals)
Juho Suokas (Guitar)
Jussi Ruokolainen (Drums)
Fredde Sjöblom (Bass)
Ville Siikamäki (Vocals)

No Tears consists of five songs: three originals and two covers. The originals are a harbinger of an upcoming full-length album, demonstrating new elements in Antagonist Zero's music - such as the title track’s this-will-get-stuck-in-your-head riffs, Profound Oblivion’s wrecking ball groove and Suru, which is sung completely in Finnish. The two cover songs are familiar to listeners from the band's live shows: Doom:VS's melodic doom suits the band like a glove in the form of 'The Lachrymal Sleep', while 'Missä muruseni on'is by Finnish pop queen Jenni Vartiainen.

'No Tears' is a nine minute melodic doom influenced song, full of melody and some nice tempo changes. to start with the vocals are a harsh growl and slightly off putting, but the style changes to clean vocal as the song progresses and sounds much better.

Now 'Profound Oblivian' is a slightly heavier song, driven by punchy chords and rhythmic drumming, very ,elodic and well produced but again for me the harsh vocal style does not fit.

The next song 'Suru' however is just right, sweeping melodic and well sung vocals, beautiful layers created with the music. Slow, brooding with a gothic tinge.

Very catchy riff on 'Missa Muruseni On', the vocal style reminds me of a folk/metal style, i suppose if i knew the original i would know just how much they have changed the song to suit them, but whatever it is good.

Finally 'The Lachrymal Sleep' and again a descent cover, well sung and produced.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Katatonia, Opeth, Draconian, Tiamat, (early) Anathema


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